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The Lake Elsinore Valley Chamber of Commerce invites you to join the growing number of businesses that already enjoy the benefits of membership.

If you prefer, you may print and mail-in your application. Download the form here. Otherwise, simply complete this on-line application. The Chamber will contact you to complete the application process.

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Please note that each new application requires a $25 activation fee (which will be waived if you pay with your credit card).
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Your membership investment allows you to select two business categories in which to place your organization, though you are required to select only one. Each additional category beyond 2 will add $25 to your annual investment (contact us if you need to do this).
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Member Billboard
Drive extra traffic to your web site with a Member Billboard. Billboard Ads place your logo, contact information and a web link in front of our site visitors in a variety of high-profile places on the LEVCC web site. At $50 a year, it may be one of the best advertising dollars you can spend! We will contact with more details. Please be prepared to provide an appropriate logo for your ad.
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There is an additional charge or $50 per year for a Billboard.
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Note: Submission of this data does not grant Membership in the Lake Elsinore Valley Chamber of Commerce. Membership is granted upon validation of this data and full payment of dues and other required fees. Membership plaques, chamber logos or other visual or textual representations of membership are only to be displayed if and while Member is in good standing. Additionally, Member can only be included in on-line directory and in printed directories, the monthly Chamber Magazine or other publications if and while they are in good standing.
























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