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The present day Lake Elsinore Valley Chambere BuildingOur logo is a line drawing of our current headquarters, a turn-of-the-century train station from the original Santa Fe Line. The building has a colorful history and was the source of great pride to Lake Elsinore citizens of the day (as it is to us modern residents!).

You can see that pride in this reprinted article:

The Santa Fe Train Station at the turn of the century."'Old Number 10' was the train that serviced the area in the late 1800’s. To turn of the century Lake Elsinore residents, the new depot was a true ornament, and it soon became apparent to even the most dubious citizens that the corner of Spring and Graham Avenue was the best location possible for this jewel.

The building was more complete in accommodations than depots in other towns of similar size to Lake Elsinore. There were three rooms besides the summer waiting room, which was 15 X 17 ft. In the office facing the main line was a bay window in which the telegraph instrument was located. The freight platform was 32 X 46 ft. and was fitted with chutes on both sides for the convenience of unloading freight and baggage.

The original body of the building was painted an apple green, with olive green trimmings."

Today the Santa Fe Train Station serves as headquarters for the Lake Elsinore Valley Chamber of Commerce. Though we've done a bit of remodeling through the years, the spirit of "Old Number 10" can still be felt. And we like to think the building is still used to provide service to our citizens and help energize commerce in our beautiful city.














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